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  • welcome to Romij Tank Storage B.V.

    High Competitive Market Every
    Products Counts!

    To meet the growing worldwide demand for oil & gas products while preparing for the future.
  • welcome to Romij Tank Storage B.V.

    Responding to
    Environmental Challenges!

    To meet the growing worldwide demand for oil & gas products and fast transshipment delivery.
  • Best Oil Storage service!

    To meet the growing worldwide demand for oil & gas products and Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance

Welcome to Romij Tank Storage B.V.

15+ years long lasting and mutually rewarding and relationships
Romij Tank Storage B.V. is one of the largest tankstorage terminals in the suburb of Waalhaven, Port of Rotterdam. The international distribution center of the terminal have direct access to the open sea and the European waterways, which is a key location...

Quality Work

We have a unique network of storage and distribution facilities through the use of specialized and standard equipment...

Safety environment

We have introduced a culture where involvement and awareness lead to intrinsically safe ways of working...

Quality Staffs

We trust in our employees because we choose smart, experienced, and hard working professionals...


We trust in our employees because we choose smart, experienced, and hard working professionals. starting projects off on their best footing.
If you want to contact us about any issue please call +31 10 268 01 76 or send us an email. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply get a quote.

What We Do

Romij Tank Storage B.V. provides a wide range services, including blending, mixing, heating, temperature and quality control, or even filling, drumming and warehousing for various grades of petroleum products.

Pipeline & TankStorage

We operate a number of tank farm and carry out conditions necessary to store petroleum products..

Cargo Handling

Through years of professional experience, Romij Tank Storage B.V. has become a well-known in the industry...


The terminal can provide a completely segregated transshipment of 3 types of light oil products and 3 types of black oil products...

Bunkering Service

Our products are of high quality, meeting the international standard ISO 8217:2005(E) and the prices we are offer...


We provide shipping services of a wide range of liquid bulk products through its state-of-the-art terminal...


The Romij Tank Storage B.V. terminal in Rotterdam has a well-equipped railway terminal for fast loading and unloading of cargo...

Company in General

  • Key focuses of Romij B.V.

    • Independent provider of tank storage
    • Supplier for chemical, mineral and transshipment operations
    • Ample Availability of jetty
    • Ample Availability of jetty
    • Zero-discharge terminal

  • Our Vision

    Your requirement for adaptability and altered arrangements keeps on developing. Our terminal and our kin are completely prepared keeping that in mind and react sufficiently to your evolving needs. The landing of Petroma BV Terminal 2 reinforces our position...

  • Our Mission

    Service and quality are critical to RBV's approach which has generally been founded on independence, capability, demanding quality prerequisites and consistent development. The organization's top need is to completely coordinate the customer's needs...

  • Our Core Qualities

    We work securely - as a result of our state-of-the-art equipment, our terminal is the benchmark in the business. For instance, each tank has its own particular fire stifling framework. We continually focus on security.
    • We are adaptable
    • We are straightforward and open
    • We will give you 100% consideration

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